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Video production & photography services

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Travel cinematography

From walking Darwin's footprints in the Galapagos Islands and backpacking the depths of the Grand Canyon to filming for Europe's largest student travel agency Berendes Media is able to capture stories in real time. 

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Video production

Though Berendes Media is a legal liability company operating as its own, larger production companies often need an extra hand whether its lighting, operating a camera, editing or anything else Berendes Media is able to hop on board with any production company. 



With an emphasis on travel photography Berendes Media is able to capture individual frames to tell your story.  I believe in taking risks and experimenting to push my comfort zone. Are you tired of your photos looking like everyone else's? I know I was. 

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Who am I?

Based in Denver, born and raised in rural Iowa I have grown up in an area where people wave to strangers, everyone is willing to offer a helping hand, and hard work is a part of everyday life.

Growing up in a place where you can see the stars even in the middle of town, i always wondered what else is out there. Through exploring this curiosity i have had some amazing stories that have molded me to who i am today. i have learned that everyone has a story to tell. 

You just have to find a way to tell it. 

Brands I Have Worked With