My images are a product of my mind. My camera is a tool that allows others in.

This is a video essay I made for a job application that required lots of travel and risk taking. Here lies the fuel behind my passion, the explanation for my constant pursuit of happiness. 


 My background 

From being a part of the creative team for the internationally published BLENDING magazine to traveling across the country for a creative media house based in the midwest, and working for ESPN 3 as a camera operator I have had the privilege to work on many diverse teams. Working on these teams has made me a well rounded content creator who embraces a good challenge.

With degrees in marketing, interactive digital studies and digital media i am able to take data and creativity to create meaningful content. My experiences has allowed me to understand trends, learn how to influence others, and more importantly express myself.


why me?

One word: Passion. Many people are driven by likes, views, and impressions. what drives me to wake up early every morning and stay up late at night is the look on someone's face when they view my work. just like art in a gallery, i want people to see my work and be inspired, moved, and most of all experience it.







Brands I have worked with