let me tell you two stories how how i became who i am today


In the spring of 2014 i was traveling through Italy with the community college I had just graduated from. We were in Florence when I met another student; he was handing out flyers for a travel company he worked for. He talked about how he gets paid to take tourists around Europe.

I was in awe. Growing up in rural iowa you don't realize jobs like that exist. For the next few hours I had a million questions running through my head. The biggest was, “This guy is getting paid to travel Europe and what have I done with my life?” I couldn’t help but be inspired.

Then I heard music. Beautiful sounds coming from a local street artist. I watched as everyone around stopped what they were doing and listened. a square full of strangers whom all came from different backgrounds and spoke different languages stopped to share a moment with each other. I’m not exactly sure what happened in that moment or how to explain it-but I instantly knew what I wanted to do. Travel.                                                          

When I returned to the states I quickly began looking for a way to go back and applied for Florence University of the Arts. A few months later after spending the day walking around the woods with my moms old digital camera I decided to buy one of my own.I had zero idea how to use a camera. Literally not a clue in the world. But I knew that was my ticket to travel.                               

Fast forward three years and I have gone back to school for Digital Media & Interactive Digital Studies, spent a semester studying in Florence and traveling Europe, and worked across the United States all because of my camera. My camera has been my tool since day one and it has taught me so much. I can only hope to continue to travel the world telling stories of people and destinations with my camera in hand.

At A Young Age I was Told I Can't

AS kids we are all told we can't all too many times. often tmes its for good reasons. you cant eat too much candy because you will get sick. you can't climb that tree because you might hurt yourself. you can't stay up past midnight because nothing good happens after then.

during the summer going into my freshman year of high school i started experiencing some problems. and no, not those problems. at the age of fifteen i was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. quite the mouthful, huh? 

p.ot.s would go on to change me physically, mentally, and emotionally. my fastest recorded heart rate was 210, I dealt with chronic fatigue, and i had a hard time feeling normal. My specialist told me i couldn't go out for sports and that i couldn't live a normal teenager life. i was told that i would need special accommodations in school because it would be too strenuous for me (look up the symptoms and you'll see why).

There was nothing i could do to avoid p.o.t.s., but i could I decide how it was gong to affect me. I decided on two things. One being that I wasn't going to let a disability dictate my life. The other being that I was going to do whatever I wanted, despite being told i can't. It didn't happen overnight. It was a long journey that to this day I still work on. By my senior year I played both ways in football and ran four events in track. I didn't take special accommodations although I did miss a lot of school.

Being told I can't drove me to chase what I wanted even more. it was my fuel.

My images are a product of my mind. My camera is a tool that allows others in.

 My background 

From being a part of the creative team for the internationally published BLENDING magazine to traveling across the country for a creative media house based in the midwest, and working for espn 3 as a camera operator I have proven that I am  cable to play a crucial role by filling in positions when needed. IN addition to working with various teams, I able to work independently to create meaningful images that resonates with audiences. 

I have degrees in marketing, interactive digital studies and digital media. These degrees have helped become familiar with processing information to create meaningful content, understanding trends, learn how to influence others, and more importantly express myself.


why me?

One word: Passion. Many people are driven by likes, views, and impressions. what drives me to wake up early every morning and stay up late at night is the look on someone's face when they view my work. just like art in a gallery, i want people to see my work and be inspired, moved, and most of all experience it.

I believe hard work and passion are two requirements to great work AND THAT IS WHY I THEY ARE MY GREATEST STRENGTHS.







Brands I have worked with